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appear ex--- an excessive heat warping in effect for -- warning in effect for today. >> the team owners in the nfl lockout have reached a deal. it could get things running again. let's take a look outside at all the haze out there on
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this friday morning. temperatures already in the mid- 80s. just haven't cooled down after yesterday's temperatures that pushed 100. today, right back at it. we'll top 100 degrees today. good morning. thank you for waking up with fox 5 morning news. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm wisdom martin. the big story is the extreme heat. we are used to handling hot weather around here but this stuff is downright dangerous. in the last two days, d.c. fire and ems crews have seen a 25% increase in calls with about 300 people being if prance poured to the --- transported to the hospital each day. when you walk outside at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning when we get ready to come to work and it is sweltering already, you just know that the rest of the day is going to be let's just call it challenging. >> when you get in the car, man, it is not pleasant.
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it will be a tough day, folks. we do have the excessive heat warping in effect. we have a code red air koala letter in effect from unhealthy air quale and it will just be problematic. you want to limit your time outdoors and stay indoors in air conditioning as much as you can. if the power is out at your house, go for a mall or movie theater or something like that. here we go. this is the excessive heat warping. it goes into effect at 10:00 a.m. this morning and will are main in effect for 10:00 p.m. tonight. all of the county that you see there in red, pretty much our entire viewing area with the exception of some viewers out in western maryland. 85degrees at reagan national. relative humidity, 72%. you combine those two, it feels like it is 93 degrees right now in the district. your day planner for today, hot, humid, haze out there as well this morning. chaps of a stray thunderstorm popping up here or there this affect. not a great chance unfortunately.
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our high today we think will be 103-degree which would tie the record for today. there you go. that is the latest on the forecast. tell you more coming up in a little bit. >> thank you very much. >> let's check in with lauren with a look at traffic. >> i'm he staying it again. i hope we get to 104 so we at least beat a record. >> might as well. >> 66 eastbound at 81, we have a wreck there. other than that, things not looking too bad. let's look at the trip in from manassas. we do have a little bit of volume building but everybody is moving. look at that. pretty nice right there. the right of your screen is inbound traffic and no real delays from centerville. the american legion bridge running well in both direction to the right of your screen. the outer loop, you will find some heavy volume often and on from college park in through silver spring. here we are georgia avenue at urban a we had reports the traffic signal was working incorrectly. so you want to knowledge any police direction there at the
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scene. 270, no problems to report for you. we do have problems building as you head inbound past germantown. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. no end in sight to the stifling heat. today expected to be the wort -- worst day of week so far. >> we get more from sherry ly live in silver spring. >> reporter: you know it is bad when it is almost 90 degrees outside already and we are happy to be working in the morning. i mean it is sticky already outside and this is one of those days you want to be in a swimming pool. you want to be able to run through a fountain just like this one right here there. has been a little bit of a breeze this morning so i'm savoring every ounce of that but i am already sweating thinking about just how hot it will get a little bit later today. despite temperatures at 100 degrees and going higher, people have been out and about. on the mat neil, tour i haves look for any place to cool off and as the sun beat down, shade
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and water, they were like the holy grail and around the mall, fountains provided some welcome relief. >> it was a very police and surprise to find it in this heat. >> did you sit by any of them at all, try to take some refuse iewmg? >> yes, we did. he have -- try to take some refuge? >> yes, we did. >> we've had about 300 people being transported to the hospital each day. >> reporter: some of the most freak calls in this extreme heat, dehydration, heat exhaustion, heatstroke and then other chronic conditions that are just aggravated by these extremely dangerous temperatures. if you don't stay hydrated enough, this is one of those situations where it gets come popped. this is not just one day of extremely high temperatures. this is several days in a row and that all adds up and can
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put you in the hospital. so extremely dangerous and extremely uncomfortable at that. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. a look at this morning's other top stories. the search is on this morning for a missing autistic teen. 15-year-old jessie johnson cannot speak and is not carry identification or a cell phone. howard county police say he is visiting family in elk ridge, maryland where he left a family friend's home on sedgewick street around 3:15 this morning. police are especially concerned because he has been known to run until he collapses. an intense search is under way at this hour. if you have any information that could help, please call the howard county police department. in washington, d.c., a police-involved shooting under investigation this morning. it happened at 13th and missouri avenue just before 10:00 last night. officers opened fire on a suspect after he allegedly
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them. out a happened gun and he was shot several times. he is in stable condition this morning. no officers were injured. >> president obama is making his case to the public on raising the debt limit. he is holding a town hall meeting at the university of maryland at college park later this morning. it is his first public appearance outside what he calls the white house bubble. he has been occupied with the almost daily negotiations with congressional leaders on a deal to raise the debt ceiling. and despite more talks between congressional leaders at the white house, there is still no compromise in place. they are trying to agree on a grand bargain cutting deficits by $4 trillion. but republicans oppose higher taxes and democrats don't want to cut medicare. with the deadline a week from tuesday, a short-term back-up plan is now gaining momentum. we are halfway toward an end to the nfl lockout. the owners signed off on a tentative 10-year collective bargaining deal but the players did not take a vote on it
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yesterday. their reps maintain they never got to see the full proposal. the head of the nfl players association rote an e-mail to the 32 teams. there is no agreement between between the nfl and the players at this time. it kind big day for the gays in the military. what the pentagon has decided on don't ask, don't tell. >> about 1,000 government workers could be out of work starting tonight. what congress must do before midnight to prevent some furloughs. that is when fox 5 morning news continues. 
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leon panetta is expected to testify that gays can openly serve in the armed services. news of decision comes just two weeks after top military lead are agreed that eliminating the ban would not hurt military
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readiness. thousands of government worker face being furloughed tonight if congress does not take action. lawmaker need to reauthorize the federal aviation administration bill by midnight. if they tone, the government will lose $200 million a week in airline ticket attacks and airport cop instruction projects would be put on hold. air traffic controllers would remain on the job but some 4,000 faa employees including about 1,000 from our area would be furloughed. transportation secretary ray lahood talked with our laura evans here on fox 5 last night. >> there will be no compromise in security or people's ability to travel. faa controlers will be in the towers. planes will be flying. security will be as it always is, very secure the faa's last real funning package expired in 2007. hears a question for you. does all this hot weather make a bit cranky? >> it turns out there may be a
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biological reason behind your bad mood. we'll check in with tony and tucker with your full forecast and find out when the triple digit highs will clear out. that is when fox 5 morning news continues. 
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we're we are right snack in -- smack in the middle of summertime of we've been asking you all week to share your favorite summertime songs with us. facebook fan fancy r. you -- rukas likes the janis joplin song. >> no doubt about it, heat can make you downright cranky and there may somebody science behind it. research has shown extreme heat actually lowers the level of
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serotonin in the brain. it helps regulate the mood and the temper. >> i don't believe that. >> i know. before we get to the weather, we just want to tell you a story we read a few moans minutes ago about a 15-year-old boy from howard county named jessie johnson. we are told he has been found. so that is some good news. the 15-year-old boy that was missing has been found. >> tony, you can bring us the bad news now. >> it will be a hot one today. we know that. it is lahr start -- already starting out to be hot. tawnders is right outside our studios. >> i'm going to start my own index and it is going to be the miserable index. i think we are just 9.5 out of 10. not just the heat and humidity, it is the bug out here. they are out of control.
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it is over 90 already this morning for the heat index. let's talk records. yesterday, we flirted with them. today, we'll come close. i think we'll probably tie the record at reagan national. forecasting a high of 103. the record for today at dulles at 98. air temperature is only half the story. you are mixing in huge and with index temperature approaching 115, it will be dangerous heat out here a little later today. all right, tony, maybe you can take the next turn outside. >> that's okay. you can have it. lets he check out those temperatures. tucker is right. already a warm start to the day ahead. about an hour or so ago, it was 86 degrees. 83degrees here in the district. fredericksburg is at 79 degrees. patuxent naval air station, 82. in winchester, it is 79. you factor in the humidity, here is what it feels like. this is your heat index. 90 is the heat index now in washington. 92 in annapolis.
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87 is what it feels like in baltimore. even out in winchester, it feels like 82 degrees at this hour. satellite-radar composite, it is quiet. not much going on. nothing in the way of clouds or not much in the way of clouds. what we do have is the haze that we have outside. and maybe a little bit of fog in some places but no precipitation to speak of. we've got a dome of high pressure that is keeping things quiet. it is also keeping things warm, not just here but across much of the eastern united states. so the forecast for today looks like this. we have a code red air quality alert in effect for unhealthy air quality for everybody. not just sensitive groups so you want to limit your time outside. mostly sunny, hot and humid. an isolated afternoon thunderstorm. most of you won't get that but a couple of you might. 103degrees for your high. that would tie the record for the day at reagan national. early storm possible this evening. very arm and muggy.
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your overnight low, 85 degrees. your forecast tomorrow will be at 100 degrees again. we have another excessive heat warning in effect for tomorrow as well. humid, sunday, a better chance of some thunderstorms coming through. 95 for your high. highs around 90 on monday and tuesday with some thunderstorms possible and then just to give you an early heads up, it can like we could do this extreme heat into next week and into next weekend. more about that at another time. >> lauren, time to traffic. >> i'm a glad we have these traffic cam -- i'm glad we have these traffic cameras out here. i don't envy tucker arrest scherr -- orsherryy ly out there. northbound 95, no problems for you. route 66 running well in past
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nutley street toward the beltway. no problems to report right now on 270. making the trip out of frederick being everything running well. nothing in the way. your lanes are open. sky fox was flying over beltway in montgomery county. things looking good there. we do have volume building off and on in stretches there right over new hampshire avenue. the outer loop to the right of your screen. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. our by beat is next. another good day on the market. but some bad news for millions of out of work americans. >> more on that when fox 5 morning news continues. stay with us.
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soy you might want to think about hitting your local borders bookstore. the joint bookseller will start the liquidation sales today. books, dvds and furniture will be discounted up to 40%. nearly 11,000 people expected
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to lose their jobs though. the sales expected to wrap up at some point in september. a good day for the stock market. lauren simonetti joins us now from fox business network in happy friday. >> great yesterday. dow up 152. the gains continuing today. do you futures up by 54 prints right now. debt deals possibly here in the u.s. but certainly over in u.s. >> and throughout the day today, futures are up? >> yeah, futures are up. we have the dow up by 51 points. >> now, that is good news. the bad news is when it comes to the employment reports that are out there. it looks like the folk who are unemployed are staying unemployed longer. >> that is a very troubling trend. so the amount of people across the nation who have been out of work for at least a year is rising to 30% nationwide. there in washington, d.c., the number is even higher.
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it is 32% and unemployment rate is 9.9%. those are the nationwide numbers as you can see. that is 4.4 million people out of work for at least 52 weeks. no signs of recovery yet in the job market and we know that because we got the 15th week in a row of jobless claims above 400,000. >> in june, it was one of the higher months if not the highest month for unemployment. >> it was the highest of the year, 9.2% unemployment nationwide. >> let's focus on the fact that today is friday. maybe that will be a little bit better news. >> enjoy the heat wave. >> you know it. you've got it too up in new york. medical crews are seeing a spike in calls because of that heat. triple digit temperatures dangerous enough to prompt a heat warping for today. the soapers say they've reached a tentative deal in the ffl
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lockout and now it is its players' turn. we'll have more coming up when fox 5 morning news continues. 
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hot child in the city. we're all hot. effect is hot. we've been asking our facebook fans to share their favorite hot weather songs. pamela baird says she likes hot child in the city. search under fox 5 morning news, no space between fox and the number 5. >> one of the greatest one-hit wonders ever. not much of a follow-up to that one. >> that was popular back in the day. >> yes, it was. >> it has to be tough to be a one-hit wonder. >> but then again, there are a lot of no-hit wonders. >> even if you are still performing, you know the whole time you are going through your set, audience just wants to hear one song and you got to play it at the end or they'll
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leave. >> don't play it first. >> what do you do after that? >> that has to be your last song. >> what to you do after your one-hit womanner? most of them try to have other hits but it doesn't work. >> she should get them all together, do one massive tour, each come out, do one song. >> that is a great idea. the one-hit wonders tour. >> 83 degrees in washington. 81degrees in baltimore. 79 in fredericksburg. dural less air pour is at 78. ocean city, 85 degrees. -- dulles dulles dulles airport is at 78. it is hazy in places. have you to deal with that. we have a code red air quality
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alert in effect. it will be most hi sunny with extreme heat and humidity. high temperature, 103 degrees. it will feel like it is up to 115 degrees in parts of the area today. stay indoors if you can, folks. >> 86 when we started this morning. >> so it has come down a few. coming up in about 15 minutes, today's edition of ask the weather guys. we are going to be talking about trees. >> all right. >> not a bad idea to be under a tree. >> kind of make me want to pay attention more to see how we can make this work. let's check some with lauren. >> the stellar attempt to transition from wisdom. >> that was good. >> trying to help me out. >> we've got a bit of a mess on 95 in virginia as you head southbound through wood brim. let's take a live look from trafficland.
6:33 am
this is going to have a big impact on the commute. overturned tractor-trailer. look like maybe some soil across the roadway. everybody is getting by single file using the left shoulder and the on-ramp from 123 is blocked. as can you imagine, this is causing problems for you. as you head southbound 95, look at the backup across the occoquan heading out of lorton. plan accordingly. northbound 95, the good news is no problems for you from woodbridge up towards springfield. inbound new york avenue at bladensburg road, traffic slows approaching suitland parkway for the long-term work zone. this is the big story southbound 95 to 123. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the heat outside downright oppressive at times. it can also be dangerous. >> yes, that's right. and there are cooling centers sets up all over the area. we go now to fox 5's sherry ly
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live in silver spring with more. >> reporter: this is my cooling center right here this morning. just close enough to the found tape here, i'm getting a little bit of splash on the back. and you can also kick the shoes off here and did a little dip with the toes. but this heat is very dangerous. one of the problem is that there is a compounding effect. it is not just one day of heat. it is several days. that is what can make you sick. now, across d.c., firefighters have seen a spike in calls of 25%. that accounts for about 300 trips to the hospital. when it gets this hot, one of their most frequent calls for help are elevator rescues because they can overheat and get stuck. as this heat continues to climb, firefighters do expect to see a lot more medical calls. >> we've had the calls from simple dehydration, heat
6:35 am
cramps, heat exhaustion and then, of course, the worst is heatstroke. and countless number of preexisting conditions that are just aggravated by the hot weather. >> reporter: and for the firefighters, it can actually feel like 160 degrees underneath all of that gear. to keep cool, they have cooling mist minneapoliss they carry with them. they have these cooling chairs where they can put their extremities into ice and, if you don't have air conditioning, you can also head to one of hundreds of cooling centers set up throughout the d.c. region. maryland, virginia and d.c. have those set up to escape the heat. there is a list of all the centers on our web site. it is my man today is to be to stay here, go to the air conditioned truck i have as quickly as possible when i get done. and try and do my best to stay cool. that is the latest here in silver spring. back to you. >> you did tell us that, if we bailed you out, you were going to run in that water.
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i'm going to hold you to it. i got you covered. trust me. run through that water live on tv and you're good. that is the plan. all right, you got it? she got it. all right. okay. a look at our morning's other top stories. president obama is holding a town hall meeting at the university of maryland in college park this morning. he is talking about the economy and the latest on negotiation on raising the country's debt ceiling. about 1,000 people are expected to show up for that event. it is scheduled for 11:00. the senate is also about to vote on a house plan to cut the deficit. they are voting on the cut, cap and balance proposal. that includes a balanced budget amendment. democrats who control the senate say there is no way it will pass and even if it does, the president has promised a veto. treasury officials say the u.s. may defall on its debts for the first time if an agreement is not reached by the deadline a week from tuesday. another big story we are following, a possible end in
6:37 am
sight to the nf almost lockout. >> let's keep our finger crossed on that one. they may have reached a tentative agreement and even though players haven't voted on it yet, things are looking hopeful. >> they are. you know what it is like, steve, what you work with wisdom, you have a lot of hope but there is a level of mistrust. >> somebody is always trying to one-up the other. >> that is what we have here with the owners and player. >> s that why we have our ongoing lockouts and we don't show up. >> i have to lock you out once in a while. >> we need a better deal. >> let's talk about the nfl though. >> it is pretty easily. owners have said we have a deal. now, they want to see the plays are agree to said deal even though the players say they aren't even seen. it the player reps got it late last night. they will go over that. if they vote on that, we could have an end to the lockout. that vote could come as soon as
6:38 am
today if they vote yes. we could have a kiro 7 about. actual in place to 10 years that would run through the 2020 season. the league year would open up for work on we had. free agency trades, et cetera. the skins could have training camp on time next thursday in sick days. so what is your message to the fans? >> we have a 10 high pressure year agreement which i think is going to be great for everyone involved for the game -- we have a 10-year agreement. i guess i would say we're getting close to getting football back. that is what we want. >> it is not a big deal if we miss two or three days of training camp. it is not a big deal if it pushes even into a week. the big deal is that we get it right. we get it right with the players and openers so it's long-term deal so we don't have to worry about this. i can't in any way shape or form see us missing football. >> let's hope chris cooley is
6:39 am
correct. the problem here is trust. the players feel slighted. like the openers are saying here is the deal take it. if you don't take it, we won't have football and that is on you. owner are saying they are miffed saying they have a handshake agreement with the players. the august 7th game, bears and rams, already been canceled. as one person here in the build told me, give me more football, not less. i know it is just a hall of fame game but people are saying we went our football. >> so the red skinned will sign adrian fenty trent dilfer, randall cunningham. >> we expect mcnabb to get moved, haps worth to get cut. we need to have the lockout officially end and the player have to be back. >> we'll talk to you soon.
6:40 am
appreciate it. how about going to the movies this weekend justin timberlake is back on big screen this weekend in a movie called friends with benefits. kevin mccarthy will be here to talk about that.
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somewhere in america, a city comes to life. it moves effortlessly, breathes easily. it flows with clean water. it makes its skyline greener and its population healthier. all to become the kind of city people want to live and work in. somewhere in america,
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we've already answered some of the nation's toughest questions. and the over sixty thousand people of siemens are ready to do it again. siemens. answers. you missed a big part there trigger on that big cannon there. it was a good time and a big thank you for all the good folks in manassas for welcome backing us. we enjoyed the day and the legacy of the battle. there is a parade in manassas this morning at 10:00. reenactments just west of the official battlefield tomorrow and sunday. seem like it could be fit for a movie.
6:44 am
>> great time to be a in movie. aen unlikely superhero fights against a nazi and a mod were couple battle falling in leases. kevin mccarthy from 106.7 the fan. >> i saw your introduction yesterday and i saw you were a big fan of captain america i went out and got you a captain america -- >> my kids will love it. >> very cool. let's talk about captain america. >> i'm a big, big, big superhero fan. there have been so many this year. there has been. been thor and green lantern. cap tape america tells the story of steve rogers, a 98- pound asthmatic who wants to fight in the military. it is world war ii and he wants to fight for his country.
6:45 am
he can't do it. he will get killed. he can't do that. he comes in way super soldier serum that makes him a perfect body, super soldier. he starts fighting for his donary and against the villain of the film, red skull. but the movie itself, here is the deal. the action is gorgeous. cinematography is beautiful to watch. joe johnson did a great job of recreating the 1940s. my big of the issue is the pacing is off. the action scenes feel a little bit inflated. you are engulfed in the action see scwepss because they are really good to look at but -- you are engulfed in the action sequences because they are
6:46 am
really good to look at. any time he is hitting people with his shield, i was doing back flips in my chair. i gave it a three out of five. >> what about 3-d? >> they shot the movie in 2-d and converted it to 3-d. i'm going to start bringing advil to these movies. i condition process a con verdicted 3-d movie in my head. i started getting a massive headache. >> it is not worth it really. >> the only film worth seeing in 3-d is one shot in 3-d. >> let's talk about friends with benefits. >> yes. >> you did an interview. good popovy or bad movie. >> we saw a movie earlier this year called no strings attached. it is the exact same movie. it is about two people would try to have an intimate relationship without having any feelings which does not work. and the movie has a very good emotional core. i thought the stars had great
6:47 am
chemistry. my only problem with the film is that they spend an hour or so making fun of cheesy romantic comedies and then it becomes one. it is a little bit hypocritical in my opinion but the movie itself is a fun good matinee to go see with your friends. i thought timberlake was great. >> really? >> think he is a very good actor. he can deliver. and the guy who directed this did another movie that was fantastic as well. i got slapped in the face twice by steve carell. it is very, very funny. stay tuned. it is coming up for the movie crazy, stupid love. >> always a pleasure seeing you. >> good to see you too. >> let's go back to the other guys at the desk. >> sure he got slapped by mila kunis too. >> i almost did get slapped by
6:48 am
her. >> kevin owes steve carell and pull ruud a slap in the face. remember where all they did was talk about their shoes. >> we have been talking to kevin for about eight years now. we never got a present from any of his trips. consider yourself special. >> i do. >> we're going to jump right into the weather now. we are talking excessive heat and we have an excessive heat warping in effect for the entire region through today from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and tomorrow as well. it will feel like it is up to 115 degrees at various points today. current temperature, 83 degrees in the nation's capital. 83 in annapolis. 79, lower 70s in manassas. 73degrees there at this hour. let's take a look at the reason
6:49 am
for our problems today. dome of high pressure. call day heat dome. it is keeping things quiet. it is not allowing any other weather factors to get in. so underneath that dome, excessive heat and heat indexes up to 120 degrees in parts of the region. much of the eastern united states is going to bake today and tomorrow. our forecast, we have a code red air koala letter in effect for unhealthy air. mostly sunny, hot and humid. maybe an afternoon thunderstorm, they will be very isolated. most of you won't get it. 103 for your high today. overnight low tonight, 85 degrees for your low overnight. that is extraordinary. our average high for today is 89 degrees so your overfight low is just four degrees lower than that. now, tomorrow, another hot day, excessive heat warning, 100- degree for your high. and it will feel like it is about 112, 115 tomorrow. sunday, 95 with a better chance of some showers and thunderstorms and then we'll be down to around 90 on mop and tuesday. we've got to keep it moving
6:50 am
here. time for ask the weather guys. it is the segment where tucker barnes and i put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions weather- related or otherwise. today's question comes from linda in maryland. she wants to know what controls how tall trees grow in good question. >> never really that you about that. >> and in some ways, you would think why don't they keep growing and growing and growing. nothing does that really. people don't do it. how tall anything grows is set by nature and by the internal structure of the organism. >> they must keep growing wider and wider. >> they stop at some point. where is my answer. let me ask you guys a question. how tall do you think the tallest trees onering can grow in feet? >> in any part of the world? >> any part of the world.
6:51 am
>> i would say 150 feet. >> i'll do 100 feet. >> the tallest any tree has ever grown onering, 425 to 455 feet. >> that is pushing washington monument size. >> the redwoods. think of redwoods. >> if you ever get a chance, travel to northern california. >> i've seep the redwoods out in california and i had no idea. >> that is because all the trees around them are so high. >> this is a fascinating answer. i guess the answer is sort of obvious when you think about it. it is about water transport. the trees are only able to get that water into the upper parts of the tree with relative ease. it gets harder and harder for the tree to get the water up into the crown of the tree. >> that is what ultimately causes it to stop growing. it is a very technical scientific process. when it can no longer get water that it gets from the ground up
6:52 am
to the upper reaches of the tree, it stops. >> the cells in the tree will get air bubbles and block it. make the tree sick if it tries to bring water through. >> some trees like the redwood can actually pull in -- the reason they get so tall, they are able to absorb some of the moisture in the upper levels -- not the upper levels of the atmosphere but higher up where they grow. they can all approximate in some of the moisture from some of the mist and fog. >> that is why they're very fog depend en. >> there you go. it is that simple. a bunch of scientific stuff as well. trees are important to us. they provide carbon dioxide. they help to lower our temperatures, believe it or not in another technical way. >> tell them to step opportunity this week. >> and they provide shade. >> thank you for the question. it was more interesting than you thought it would be. >> never any doubt on my part.
6:53 am
>> if you have a question you want answered, you can go to you can upload the video question and we may play it on air. >> all those other trees that have redwood envy, right? >> let's check in with lauren demarco to get a check on traffic. >> i can't believe as tall as the washington monument. it must be breath taking to stand under that. we have a serious situation southbound 95 in virginia. let's take a live look, head straight out there as you head towards the woodbridge area. you will fine delays beginning before route one. it is because of an accident that was involving a tractor- trailer that overturned. there is some good news. they have cheered most the debris from that truck out -- they have cleared most of the debris from that truck out of the way. right now, as you saw there, just getting by single file to the left past that and again, the delay across the occoquan river bridge here begins before route one in woodbridge. also want to mention as you try
6:54 am
to approach 95, the ramp from 123 is blocked. we are tealing with rubbernecking delays northbound 95 from the prince william parkway as you head up past that scene but your lanes are open. want to mention another couple of accidents in northwest d.c., sherman avenue at irving street. next hour, long before going green was the in thing, native americans made it a part of their lives every day. >> we're live at the national museum of the american indian this morning with more on a festival that will teach visitors how to lead a more sustainable lifestyle and how it can start with what is on your plate.
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happy friday, everyone. i'm paul riafel in for holly morris. we are at the american museum
6:58 am
at the national huge -- we are at the national museum of the american indian. we're going to cooking over a fire pit. why not? it's not hot enough. and we should have fun. i recommend that if people come to the festivallings they bring the generic blue thirsty drink that will keep them hydrated throughout the week because it's going to be hot. >> blue generic thirsty drink may be a good idea. >> i don't want to plug. >> i understand. we want to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day, kevin merkl. he says that fox 5 is the most informative and best news in washington, d.c. you can search fox 5 morning news. there is no space between fox
6:59 am
and the number 5. and then post your photo. this morning, the one and only brian mcknight will join us. the multi-platinum nominated artist will be here that's the wrap for the 6:00 hour. let's send it now over to steve and sarah. take it away. >> thank you very much. if you thought yesterday was hot, just wait until today. >> today's high temperature is expected to be even higher. tony is keeping an eye on the forecast for us and we are live with more on how you can keep cool and the warning signs to look for when it comes to heat exhaustion. and good news in the nfl

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